Recent & Upcoming Talks

Conference Talk: Preventing Systemic Security Issues

SHIFTing Left by Creating Guardrails using AWS Service Control Policies and Making Least Privilege Easy for Developers

Conference Talk: Limiting Blast Radius by Automating IAM Policies using Policy Sentry

Policy Sentry, published by Kinnaird in late 2019, helps you write least privilege AWS IAM Policies. He discusses the tool in this talk and provides a demo.

Podcast Interview: Open Sourcing AWS IAM Security tools

Guest appearance on a Podcast, discussing open source IAM security tooling

Webinar: Securing Enterprise-Level Cloud Deployments (2018)

When you’re operating in a cloud environment, access expands, responsibilities change, control shifts, and the speed of provisioning resources and applications increases—significantly affecting all aspects of IT security. Security must keep up with …